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“Bella Mia Vet & Pet Accessories is proudly owned by Dr. Astrid Webster & Arthur Webster, these siblings love all friendly four pawed companions and feathered friends.

Bell Mia is a Vet shop, as such we have employed the best Veterinary Nutritional Advisors to manage each aspect of our business. Having pets of our own, we know how important it is to feed a nutritionally balanced kibble, formulated to keep our companions fit and healthy for their entire journey on this beautiful planet with us.

Health is vitally important to any sentient life form, that is why we sell merchandise and supplements to help maintain a healthy companion, full of love and strength to guide them into their old age, whereby we help monitor their senior stages with a perfectly balance nutritional kibble formulated to assist with the elasticity of joints, healthy muscle tone, strong heart, exquisite coat and spectacular oral hygiene. Ask any one of our Expert Nutritional Advisors for advise on how to best nurture your companion for their specific life stages.

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